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Welcome to The STEM METS Digital Skills Academy.

We are bridging the skills gap in education and employment by equipping students with market ready skills and preparing them for the global digital transformation in the workplace and develop life skills

About The Digital Skills Academy

Global digital transformation and radical changes in Covid-19 economy has brought about a shift to remote learning and working as well as increased collaboration with global teams and use of digital technology. It has also necessitated the need for essential digital skills for future of work and the ability to use productivity tools and platforms.

 In order to prepare young people for these opportunities, The Digital Skills Academy by STEM METS RESOURCES is a five week market ready skills development program for 15-19 year olds equipping them with market relevant skills for the current and future workplace. The program combines both technical and soft skills development training

Our Featured Courses

Learning Tracks:

Digital Content Creation Program

  1. Design basics and fundamentals
  2. Design with Adobe Illustrator 
  3. Design with Adobe Photoshop

The curriculum is self-paced and project based. Students would take evaluation tests after each module and work on capstone projects which will be documented in their E-portfolio.

Virtual Internship 

This provides unique opportunity to work on real projects and get essential work experience with thriving corporates across various sectors, have brain storming and solution design sessions, weekly virtual office check-in and a capstone presentation to partner company in week 5.

Also, it provides an opportunity to build a professional network and relationships that would be beneficial to career growth.

Workplace and Productivity Tools

The 21st century workplace is efficient and tech enabled. The Workplace and Productivity module will help students learn how to work smarter by using 21st century digital productivity tools and apply to real projects.

Modules include:

Google Workplace (Formerly G Suite) Project management tools e.g. Asana, Trello, Jira.

Web hooks e.g. Zapier.

Communication tools

File storage and sharing tools and Events and time scheduling

Program Benefits

  • Our students get to Develop Creative Design Skills

  • Participate in a Virtual Internship opportunity with Corporate partners providing essential work experience

  • Learn the use of 21st century Workplace Productivity tools

  • Develop an E-Portfolio for projects for future employment

Partner Companies include

Companies include:

1.     Argentil Capital Markets (Investment Banking and Financial Advisory)

2.     Hill and Knowlton (International PR Firm)

3.     FutureSoft (Software Company)

4.     AACE Foods

5.     Others to be confirmed

Workplace productivity module include

·         Google Workplace (Formerly G Suite)

·        Project management tools e.g. Asana, Trello, Jira

·         Web hooks: e.g Zapier

·        Communication tools

·         File storage and sharing tools

Events and time scheduling

Typical Weekly Program Schedule

o  Daily virtual check in on WhatsApp platform.

o  Morning • Log on to programming platform.

o  Afternoon • Internship Project work.

o  Virtual Office hours on Microsoft Teams.

o  Project update and follow up.

Evaluation Test per module completed

Pre Requirements

A computer system

Adobe Photoshop software

Adobe Ilustrator software

Reliable internet connection

Extra Benefit of signing up for the academy;

Bi-Weekly Career Talks Platform

The Career talk platform would serve as an alternative platform for providing skills development and career guidance information in an engaging and interactive format and expose learners to career pathways available in the current and future workplace and guest speakers from industry.

Fee: N40,000 per student

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